Meeting recap, planning teams, and committed workshops

This past Sunday a growing group of volunteers gathered at The Frenchtown Inn to continue planning our inaugural Yuba Foothills Food & Water Festival on the weekend of September 30th at the Alcouffe Center in Oregon House.

The goal of the meeting was to organize into 5 teams which ranged between 2 – 8 people. We renamed the logistics, finance, insurance & legal team to “Operations”. one of the teams. The teams brainstormed among themselves and then teased with an inspiring local appetizer (Spencer’s goat cheese with Diane Astarita’s pasta on Lavinia bread) reminding us why we’re all doing this and fortified by Frenchtown Inn red wine and Sierra Nevada pale ale presented ideas to the floor and questions to the steering group.

By the end of the month, we would like to continue growing the teams with at least 5 people on any team. We still need plenty more volunteers, especially in the fields of sales, accounting, marketing, and communications – join the fun and sign up!

We are also happy to share some progress on the educational programming for both days of the event! These span a variety of formats including talks (lecture-style classrooms), tours (guided through gardens and farms), and workshops and classes (hands-on, in small groups). This list is not exhaustive, so if you have an idea for great content, share it!

WaterTalkMartin CarrionWater – sustainability in landscaping
FoodTalkStefano PetrizzoStone Mill Milling
Food Farming & WaterTalkMike ThompsonMaidu Food and Water
Food FarmingWorkshopSalvatoreNatural Beekeeping
Food CookingWorkshop Laura FrewHow to make ice cream
Food FarmingWorkshopYFACASeeds
WaterWorkshopShai PorathAncient ceramic watering practices
Food FarmingTourCory and KaylaHügelkultur
Food FarmingTourSalvatoreBuffalo & Buffalo Mozzarella
WaterTourMariekeNorth Yuba Irrigation Canal
Food FarmingTourRebeca CaroPermaculture 
Food CookingClassLynne SandersWater and Oxygen in Cooking
Food CookingClassSusan FlemingVegetarian Cooking
Food FarmingClassCDFAGrant Writing

Other Topics requested or being considered: UC Davis extension speaker(s), irrigation, watershed restoration, goats, well chlorination, chickens, breadmaking, wine tasting, groundwater monitoring, food as health, herbs, mushrooms…

What to expect next: Moving forward planning subteams will start organizing among themselves (over email, in person, and in chats), and the larger planning group will be meeting on the first and third Sundays of each month at 4 pm, with the next meeting on June 4th – a great opportunity to share your ideas for the event, network with your community, and share a laugh or two with your local farmers over beer and snacks – sign up to attend!

In gratitude,

The Food and Water Festival Planning Committee