Admission to the festival is free. For those driving to the festival, there will be a $5 parking fee per vehicle. The Alcouffe Center is located at 9185 Marysville Road, Oregon House, CA.

The Food & Water Festival is completely volunteer-run, organized by community members during volunteer time. All proceeds will go towards building community programs at the Alcouffe Center. The event’s volunteers operations team acts as a sub committee of the Alcouffe Center Board.

Vendors – come share your products with locals, visiting friends and tourists from across Northern California this September 30th. The festival is expected to draw between 400-600 attendees throughout the day, providing excellent exposure and sales opportunities for your local business.

Apply now at footandwaterfestival.com/vendors

Sponsorship Packages are available to community-minded businesses looking to support our Food and Water Festival. All sponsorship packages include a booth and can be expanded to fit your budget and needs to highlight your business as a vibrant part of foothill living.

We believe the Food and Water Festival is a great opportunity for sponsors to support the community while reaching a new audience to promote their brand. Please visit foodandwaterfestival.com/sponsors for more information on how to support.


2 months ago

Summer may be coming to an end but grilling season's far from over. Pick up some local New York Strips and Ribeyes to grill with your autumn veggies at the Yuba Foothills Food and Water Festival (and market) on September 30th.

Yuba Valley Ranch- Grass Finished Beef is a family run ranch raising grass fed & finished, pastured cattle for beef. They offer the community sustainably raised beef they can feel good about eating. Their booth offers seasonal whole, halves, and quarters of beef - make sure to give them a visit!

2 months ago

It takes big-hearted volunteers to improve a community. A warm thanks to Eli and Rebeca for their start making the Alcouffe Center safe and beautiful for our festival attendees.

If you care to join us next time we go out, send us a Facebook message or sign up here: https://forms.gle/uVgzDGbok5N1CM387

Looking forward to meeting you!

2 months ago

Want to learn the basics of how to make the best Italian melty cheeses from scratch? Get your learning pass now at https://foodandwaterfestival.com/workshops/

Salvatore has been a cheese maker and a water buffalo farmer for more than a decade. He grew up in Naples, Italy - home of REAL mozzarella cheese. After moving to the States, he taught himself how to make mozzarella since he couldn’t find anybody who could make it like they did in the old world.

Now he wants to teach this ancient art at the Yuba Foothills Food and Water Festival. Thank you Sal!

2 months ago

✨Let food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food✨

Nick and Tati at Mountain Bloom farms have been practicing Regenerative Agriculture within the Plumas National Forest since 2016. Check out their market fresh booth at Day 1 of the Yuba Foothills Food and Water Festival, then join Nick for a special presentation on the relationship between soil health and nutrient density in farming. https://foodandwaterfestival.com/let-medicine-be-thy-food-the-gut-microbiome-soil-health-nutrient-density-and-human-potential/

Huge thank you to Brownsville Farmers Market for helping us source these fresh-to-table farms and their talented farmers - every Friday from 4pm - sunset in downtown Brownsville, CA!

2 months ago

The Yuba Foothills Food and Water Festival is looking for fun-loving, community-minded volunteers to help make the event extra special for every single attendee, whether they grew up right next door, or are just got into town.

Help us build this celebration of local food, farmers, and families! Sign up here:

2 months ago

Examine a working ram pump, discuss how it works, how to build one, and why you might use one. See and discuss a working multi-source irrigation system on a small farm. Review a no-batteries solar domestic water pumping solution.

Peter has been dreaming about water for most of his life and building a small farm on Sunshine Mountain in Oregon House for the past seven years. As you can imagine, semi-retired and a background in engineering has resulted in lots of experiments and some successes he's looking forward to sharing with you on Day 2 of the Yuba Foothills Food and Water Festival.

Explore all the workshops on offer at foodandwaterfestival.com/workshops

3 months ago

Shopping, dancing, eating, laughing, playing, learning, tasting, touring, meeting, greeting, network building - there will be a million things to do at the two day Yuba Foothills Food and Water Festival. Don't wait to book an overnight stay for you and your family! foodandwaterfestival.com/lodging

3 months ago

Not to miss at the Yuba Foothills Food and Water Festival: How to preserve and even maximize the full "living energy' of food when the clock of the Elements - the effects of Oxygen, Temperature (Heat!), Humidity (Water) - is constantly ticking down ⏱

Lynne Sanders, owner and head chef at Clover Cafe, is a Cordon Bleu chef who lived and worked in France and trained with some of the top Michelin starred chefs of the time.

See a full list of workshops at www.foodandwaterfestival.com/workshops and follow our Facebook page for details on how to reserve a spot in the coming weeks 😁

3 months ago

The latest buzz? Nature's Gold Honey will be selling their honey at the Yuba Foothills Food and Water Festival! LOCAL and RAW is where it's at when it comes to pollen products - these folks can tell you all about it.

Give them a fly by tonight at Brownsville Farmers Market, rain or shine 👍

3 months ago

Come and taste world class organic extra virgin Apollo Olive Oil - prize of the foothills - joining us at the Yuba Foothills Food and Water Festival on September 30th. Learn about REAL extra virgin olive oil, meet the miller, and grab a few bottles to share at your next dinner party 🙂

Since Apollo Olive Oil started 20 years ago, their oils have won 65 gold medals, 45 silver medals, 16 best in class, and 7 best in show. They have been chosen one of the top 10 olive oil producers in the world, and are proud to offer you the healthiest gourmet organic extra virgin olive oil available, made entirely in California.

Here's a little background on chief miller Gianni's approach to the craft...