“The Elements” vs Your Dinner – a chef’s work

How to preserve and even maximize the full “living energy’ of food when the clock of the Elements – the effects of Oxygen, Temperature (Heat!), and Humidity (Water) – is constantly ticking? Lynne will lead us through a tasting and demo of Cold Press Juicing, while showing the degrading effects of Oxygen on this simple process, along with a more elaborate discussion of all the Elements and their effects on the quality/energy of your food and cooking.

Workshop Details

  • Title: “The Elements” vs Your Dinner – a chef’s work
  • Presenter: Lynne
  • Date: October 1, 2023
  • Location: Clover Cafe

About Lynne

Lynne is a Cordon Bleu chef who lived and worked in France and trained with some of the top Michelin starred chefs of the time. In 2002 she opened her French restaurant, Bistro Aix, in London, which she still owns and operates with her Team.

She opened Clover Cafe in Oregon House last year. Lynne’s style of cooking could be best expressed in the phrase ‘Freshness is our Best Ingredient!’ Not only Freshness, but the maximum expression of the ‘living energy’ in food – and delivering that tangible experience that customers experience as ‘fresh and tasty!’