Stone Milling

A demonstration of how a stone mill works and a talk about the bread-making process.

Workshop Details

  • Title: Stone Milling
  • Presenter: Stefano Petrizzo
  • Date: October 1, 2023
  • Location: TBD

About Stefano Petrizzo

Stefano is a miller/bread-maker and has been baking bread with ancient and modern grains since 2018. In that year he attended a 2-week intensive workshop in France with Nicolas Supiot, a pioneer of the Country Bakers movement–to be a Country Baker in France, you have to grow your own grains and mill them. This year he had started experimenting with growing wheat with a farmer friend and hoped to someday make bread from locally grown grains. His aim is to produce landraces that evolve and adapt to climate change. For now, he is trying to make the healthiest, most digestible bread from organic grains.