“Let Medicine Be Thy Food,” The Gut Microbiome, Soil Health, Nutrient Density, and Human Potential

Humus and Humates are the basis for Humanity. We are made of and depend on the organic matter in the soil, for water, food, and our future. Organic matter and soil carbon are primarily being depleted from our soils, and food crops raised conventionally with chemical agriculture, are less nutrient-rich than in generations past. Degenerative disease, incidence of cancer, autoimmune disorders, and mental health problems are all on the rise in correlation with these shortsighted farming practices. We are what we eat. Healthy soils grow healthy plants and animals, as well as Humans. We owe ourselves the health, wealth, and well-being that are possible with Regenerative Agricultural practices and for the sake of our planet as well. Our potential for health, happiness, mental clarity, vigor, mood, and longevity depends on our Gut Microbiome and the quality and quantity of food we consume. Wild foraged herbs and ancestral crops had exponentially higher nutrient density than some synthetic ultra-modern renditions. What capabilities for wellness, may be possible when our physiology is equipped with all the necessary building blocks and tools it was designed to function with? Richness in the soil food web, and nutrient density in our food, are key to unlocking our human potential, saving our lives and our planet.

Workshop Details

  • Title: “Let Medicine Be Thy Food,” The Gut Microbiome, Soil Health, Nutrient Density, and Human Potential
  • Presenter: Nick Brown
  • Date: October 1, 2023
  • Location: YES Charter Academy

About Nick Brown

Nick Brown is a first-generation farmer originally from the Midwest, with involvement in the Ecovillage and Intentional Communities movement for over 15 years. As an organizer for social justice, he believes that our paths to liberation are interwoven. He has come to farming from a background in holistic health, social justice, and permaculture. He enjoys haggling hardest over chunks of rusty metal with oldtimers rich in perennial wisdom to share and a kind sense of humor. He knows that the potential of humanity and kindness grows as the quality of our humus grows, and we are what we eat. Nick is motivated by the mental, physical, spiritual, social, and ecological wellness that blossom from a sacred relationship to Soil and harmony with Nature. Grateful to make a livelihood tending to creation, he has been humbled by regeneratively and commercially farming vegetables for over a decade.

“Soil is the most trustworthy bank we’ve got.”