Water and Landscaping Regenerative Principles

A lot is said about designing, installing, and maintaining a low-water landscape. In this presentation, we will explore 7 basic principles that help us accomplish all that. We need to think of healthy soils, stormwater management, the right plants for the location, and biodiversity… In a way, ideally, we are regenerating an ecosystem, of which we are an integral part. In addition to that, we will showcase principles and examples of the Watershed approach to Landscaping.

Workshop Details

  • Title: Water and Landscaping Regenerative Principles
  • Presenter: Martin Carrion from Landscape Symphonies
  • Date: October 1, 2023
  • Location: YES Charter Academy

About Martin Carrion

Martin is a third-generation Landscape designer and contractor. He has been building gardens for over 30 years. He continuously educates himself on regenerative methods in the landscape industry. he has several certifications, like QWEL, G3, and Eco Landscaper that speak to that. He believes that in order for a garden to be successful, it needs to be thought, built, and maintained following the laws of nature. He has given several presentations on the subject, and others, to several garden associations and at garden shows. He is currently the president of APLD-CA, Association of Professional Landscape Designers, At the association, they advocate for all of these principles and organize events to educate the public and the industry.