How To Restructure Water In Your Body For Mental, Emotional And Physical Wellbeing

Did you know our bodies are an ecosystem primarily composed of water, ranging from 55% to 80%? This essential element is the life-giving medium through which our bodies’ diverse systems communicate. Imagine two sets of waters, each exposed to distinct types of energy. One results in a coherent, vibrant structure, and the other in a disordered, seemingly diseased state. Which water do you envision forming the blueprint of your body? The groundbreaking work of Dr. Emoto introduced us to the fascinating world of water crystal photography, vividly illustrating how our unseen emotions and states of being significantly influence physical matter. So, how do we encourage the formation of structured water, symbolizing health and vitality, within our bodies? Does expressing gratitude or consuming alkaline water pave the way to better health? Both practices hold merit but consider this: stress hormones contribute to bodily acidity. Even abundant alkaline water consumption will yield little change if chronic stress dominates our lives. And have you ever felt worse after being advised to “think positively” during tough times? The key to well-being lies not just in what we consume or think, but in the resonance or dissonance created between various aspects of ourselves and our external environment. In this captivating and interactive presentation, I will guide you on how to cultivate harmonic resonance within yourself, even amidst life’s challenges. Join us as we explore how to navigate tough times while keeping our body’s internal waters beautifully structured and healthy. We eagerly await your participation!

Workshop Details

  • Title: How To Restructure Water In Your Body For Mental, Emotional And Physical Wellbeing
  • Presenter: Yoshie Muratani
  • Date: October 1, 2023
  • Location: YES Charter Academy

About Yoshie Muratani

Yoshie is a practitioner of integrated healing, having studied with, and been certified by, internationally-recognized therapists in a broad range of modalities: She studied hypnosis and RTT hypnotherapy with Marisa Peer; Body Code with Dr.Bradley Nelson; Energy Clearing and Radionics at The International Institute of Healing; Sound Healing with Dr.John Beaulieu; Completion Process and Parts Work with Teal Swan; Compassion Keys with Edward Mannix; and Shamanic Energy Medicine at The Shamanic Academy. She now helps people overcome life challenges by addressing root causes and facilitating integrated healing.