Farm to School Tour

Experience the YES Farm to School program by touring the school garden, greenhouse, henhouse, and raingarden at the site of the future orchard. See how a community can feed itself sustainably. Discuss the health and environmental benefits of eating locally grown food.

Workshop Details

  • Title: Farm to School Tour
  • Presenter: Louise Miller
  • Date: October 1, 2023
  • Location: YES Charter Academy

About Louise Miller

The YES Farm to School Team works together to provide fresh, school grown and locally grown food to serve in the school cafeteria. They are the farmer, Juan Jose Domingo, the procurement specialist, Sheila Rolfer, the school chef, Cherrity Leyson, and the cafeteria aide, Michele Rodriquez. School volunteer and Master Gardener, Tena Brown, teaches gardening to YES students and coordinates the volunteer work of Master Gardeners at the school. The Farm to School program is inspired by the Slow Food/Terra Madre movement founded by Carlo Petrini and follows the Edible Schoolyard curriculum inspired by Alice Waters.