September 30th at the Alcouffe Center enjoy a variety of cuisines from Yuba Foothills chefs, crafted with local ingredients, all at affordable prices.

Julie Hart has an EOV-certified (regenerative) mixed farming operation in Browns Valley. She provides rabbits to some of the top restaurants in Sacramento and San Francisco. She will be serving braised rabbit, with a carrot salad on the side.

Pei-Hsun Lin (Patience) hails from Taiwan, and has lived in Oregon House for the last 25 years. She excels in a broad range of international cuisines. She is offering a specialty from her seaport hometown, Pineapple Prawns, as well as Indonesian-style grilled pork on coconut butter rice and a Middle Eastern lamb and cabbage roll.

Ksenia Talliou was raised in the countryside of western Greece, and now lives in Oregon House with her husband and three young children. She will prepare classical Greek dishes: moussaka, pastitsio and spanakopita, with sides of tzadziki and xoriatiki salad.

This family owned Mexican Taqueria is all about fresh food and ingredients with a little spice. They serve tacos, burritos, seafood, and special dishes like Menudo and Birria. They have a variety of meats including asada, chicken, chile verde, al pastor, and carnitas and refreshing Mexican sodas and homemade drinks like Horchata and Jamaica.

Enjoy boba teas, spring rolls, potstickers, piroshki and samosas with Vegan options too. The well travelled Aleysa & Sergei provide a colorful and tasty selection for both adults and children.

The Frenchtown Inn is providing two dining/imbibing events for the FWF weekend, and hosting two special workshops. The grounds of the Inn are large and gracious, and you are invited to walk around the lake enjoying native flora and fauna in the tranquility of the Yuba Foothills.

On Saturday evening, The Frenchtown Inn will inaugurate its new Wine Bar & Tavern. Open from 5 pm to 9 pm, there will be exceptional local wines for sale by glass, bottle or case (Renaissance, Clos Saron and Grant-Marie among them), premium beers and local dishes. Salvatore will prepare his famous lasagna and Meredith her equally famous Spanish tortilla (local eggs), along with charcuterie plates and other nibbles. Everything will be a la carte. This is the perfect place to relax after the Saturday events and before the Sunday workshops. And to initiate or deepen friendships.

On Sunday, from 12 pm – 5 pm, the WB & T will offer a similar experience of quality food and drink, as well as a rare appearance by Gideon Beinstock of Clos Saron guiding a tasting at 1:30 pm (link to workshops), and a cheese-making workshop by Salvatore at 3:00 (link). This is an excellent venue for having lunch between morning and afternoon F&W workshops.