Cheese making workshop

A fun demonstration of how to make stretched curd cheeses. We will learn the basics of making cheeses like mozzarella and any cheese you can melt on your favorite pizza, toast, or other types of crusty bread.

Workshop Details

  • Title: Cheese making workshop
  • Presenter: Salvatore Capuano
  • Date: October 1, 2023
  • Location: YES Charter Academy

About Salvatore Capuano

Salvatore has been a cheese maker and a water buffalo farmer for the last 11 years. He grew up in Italy and specifically in Naples, where the real mozzarella cheese is made. He taught himself how to make mozzarella since he couldn’t find anybody in the United States who would make it as they did in the old world. He spent some time in Italy learning what he could. Over there it’s not easy to learn their secrets if you are not part of the family. Now he wants to teach this ancient art.